Competitive Program Overview

Youth Program Overview


When are tryouts held?

Tryouts for Tier 2 teams are usually held in mid to late March preceding the official season start-up.

When does league play begin?

Season games for Tier 2 teams usually commence after the long weekend of May. Community league Tier 3 programs will also begin at the end of May.

What will be provided to Tier 2 players?

Successful players, following tryouts and selection, will be provided a kit containing uniform items. Players will supply their own cleats, training balls and clothes. Club wear will be available to purchase once the season gets started.

Will there be specialized training for Tier 2 team players?

The Club’s Technical Director will join practices of the various teams throughout the season, providing tactical training. All coaches will possess the mandatory training.

How many practices will there by per week for Tier 2 teams?

The numbers of practices per week is usually two, but the frequency is at the utmost discretion of the team’s coach and assistant.

What other options do players in this area have when considering high level of play and team tryouts?

XFC is run out of the Highland District and it is the Tier 1 league for Northern Nova Scotia. Tryouts for this league and its teams are usually held prior to Tier 2 regional tryouts. Therefore, players that are not placed on Tier 1 teams have the option to go back to their respective clubs to tryout for the Tier 2 league teams available in their areas.

U10 Boys & Girls Academy Program

For players of this broad age category, the Academy program offers the highest level of play in the Club setting. Players of this summer program are selected by tryout and are expected to fully commit to the soccer program – including a commitment to attend all scheduled training and games. Player development through skills, techniques and tactics training is the highlight of this level of soccer.

U13 and Teen (U15 through U19) Tier 3 Programs

These programs take a more recreational approach to the game than all other programs for these age categories. Although coaches will work with their players in terms of skills development, there is an emphasis on fun and simple enjoyment of the game. Players that join these programs do not have to tryout for team placement, and it is realized by its organizers that these soccer players might enjoy other summer sports and activities, not having to commit such a high level to the program as with the competitive teams. These programs run as co-ed programs.

U13 Tier 2 Program

At this level of play, competition is emphasized, although fun is also paramount at this stage, in order to foster player retention through subsequent levels of play through the Club. In order to make the teams of this level, competitive tryouts are held to determine the makeup of the team(s) and players are selected based on skill, athleticism and knowledge of tactics of the sport Chosen players are expected to commit to the program in order to develop their skill and technique.

U15 – U21 Boys & Girls Tier 2 Programs

These are the most competitive teams in the Highland District Soccer League. Players are required to tryout for team placement. Players, upon successful placement, are expected to fully commit to the team through the summer season – attending scheduled training sessions organized by their coaches and playing in all scheduled matches through regular season and extended play. Competition is heightened at this level of play and players are expected to play in every game. Players are encouraged and trained in all aspects of the sport through the coaching offered at this level of play